The Treasure Within | We're here to make young ladies into Glorious women
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Spring/Summer 2024 enrollment is open space is limited please seize this opportunity today

We are excited about our new partnership with Black United Fund of Michigan (BUF)

Come Join Us



Come Join Us


   We Are Stem Certified


Treasure Within Store has opened proceeds from sales will go towards our program


Growing up I was put down, I was told that I was ugly. I was dumb I wasn’t going to amount to anything and I really believed what I was told. The Treasure Within helped me realize I can do anything I put my mind to. The program also helped me believe that I am beautiful and smart. – Ebony B.

I learned that as a teen how i should take care of my body as a young girl …teen. I learned about diseases, how to make better decision. I thank the adults for helping me learn various things – Latrice D.

The Treasure Within program that teaches young ladies to love and take care of ourselves in different ways. The part i liked most about this program is that we addressed things we wanted to know for a very long time.  During the program i took on fun challenges that helped me overcome my shyness.  I enjoyed the collaboration skills because it allowed me to learn and listen to other opinions – Tiffany R.